These advertisements are a large part of my workload within my student design position. For every project, the clients typically ask for a digital ad, social media designs for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, as well as a poster or sandwich board of some kind. The following are some examples of my digital signage designs that were displayed in various locations throughout Miami University's Campus.
My design process for most of these projects start with a few sketches to try and find a few layouts that could best fit the information that is needed. Then I move into the digital workspace where I create a number of iterations. I then pass on the best two to my creative director who chooses one of the designs or in some cases send both on to the client to seek their approval. From there I could be instructed to make edits, or if approved I flesh out the designs into both the social media formats as well as the posters, flyers or sandwich boards. In some scenarios for Goggin Ice Center, I would also create advertisements that are formatted to the scoreboard.
Above you can see a few examples of the poster designs that I have created for a number of areas on campus from Esports to the rec center.

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