Project Description
My goal for this project was to create a new product and branding idea with already existing brand.  I decided to work with Arnold Palmer. My idea was to create a party pack serving box that would work essentially like a wine box where a spout would be built into the box, and serve into glasses or cups. My thought was that this would be easier to use for people like children than the already existing gallon bottle which can be a bit hard to pour and lift. 
Another one of my main goals was to allow the existing brand of Arnold Palmer to continue to shine, while adding a new look to their cans and packaging. The current signature and umbrella logo were a personal brainchild of Arnold himself, according to my research, so I feel as if those should stay in tact. Arnold Palmer is a household name in the golfing world, and with that he brought the Half and Half beverage to life. Currently their packaging somewhat utilizes a collage look and feel. While this does a good job painting the literal image of Arnold Palmer, I thought that something a bit more iconic could be done. Something in the lines of the Jordan "Jump Man" Silhouette. 
Along with these suggestions for the packaging, I also felt that the font choices could be modernized to go along with the rest of the new packaging. 

You can take a look below to see some of the finished product images.

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